Synopses / Parallels



  1. a brief summary or general survey of something. (-as defined by google, et al.)
  2. side-by-side comparison of parallel texts. (-usage in biblical studies)

Online Gospel Synopses and Introductions

Further Reading on the Synoptic Problem

  • Bauckham, Richard. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony. 2nd edition. Grand Rapids; Eerdmans, 2017.
  • Dunn, James D. G. The Evidence for Jesus. Louisville, KY: Wesminster John Knox, 1986.
  • Stein, Roberth H. Studying the Synoptic Gospels: Origin and Interpretation. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011.
  • Strauss, Mark L. Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels. Zondervan: Grand Rapids, 2007.

Other NT Synopses

Old Testament Synopsis

Hardcopies Synopses

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