Hebrew Vocabulary

Hebrew Vocabulary by Chapter

The tracks here go with the vocabulary quizzes in my Hebrew class. We are using Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt’s Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar 3rd edition (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2019). The vocabulary lists here are based on the vocabulary at the end of the assigned chapters.

Vocabulary List 1 (BBH3 Ch 3)
Vocabulary List 2 (BBH3 Ch 4)
Vocabulary List 3 (BBH3 Ch 5)
Vocabulary List 4 (BBH3 Ch 6)
Vocabulary List 5 (BBH3 Ch 7)

Vocabulary List 6 (BBH3 Ch 8)
Vocabulary List 7 (BBH3 Ch 9)
Vocabulary List 8 (BBH3 Ch 10)
Vocabulary List 9 (BBH3 Ch 11 nouns + Ch 12 all)
Vocab List 10 (BBH3 Ch 13)
Vocab List 11 (BBH3 Ch 14)
Vocab List 12 (BBH3 Ch 15)
Vocab List 13 (BBH3 Ch 16)
Vocab List 14 (BBH3 Ch 17)
Vocab List 15 (BBH3 Ch 18)
Vocab List 16 (BBH3 Ch 19)
Vocab List 17 (BBH3 Ch 20)
Vocab List 18 (BBH3 Ch 21)
Vocab List 19 (BBH3 Ch 22-23a)
Vocab List 20 (BBH3 Ch 23b-24)
Vocab List 21 (BBH3 Ch 25-28) words used 100+ times
Vocab List 22 (BBH3 Ch 29-34) words used 100+ times
My Quizlet Hebrew Folder with flashcars on the alef-bet, vocabulary, and grammar

Hebrew Vocabulary By Frequency

The tracks here went with the vocabulary quizzes in my Hebrew class when I used to assign vocabulary based on its frequency in the Hebrew Bible. Beginning in Fall 2019 I changed the vocabulary portion of the class to correspond to the vocabulary lists in the textbook.

The audio files for vocab by frequency are still up at https://www.HebrewVocab.Tumblr.com. Once I find the original files I will also post them here.

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