Bible Software

This page will walk you through the set up of Accordance and Logos Bible software for the purposes of Biblical translation and exegesis.

Accordance 13

Accordance has outstanding tutorials both within the program and online at They will be far more extensive than the videos on this page here. The videos on this page have been designed with specific classes and assignments in mind.

The following three Accordance videos were originally recorded for a class that is a one-semester crash course in Biblical Hebrew and Greek, and whose goal is to introduce students to the process of biblical translation while guiding them through each step of the process. Though an interlinear is not recommended for students who are taking a more traditional Hebrew or Greek translation course, an interlinear can, with guidance, be a helpful tool to help demystify the translation process and encourage enrollment in a more traditional translation course.

These three videos will help you set up your Accordance (video 1), use Accordance’s interlinear function to aid in the translation of the Hebrew Bible (video 2), and also to aid one’s translation of the Greek New Testament (video 3).

Setting Up Preferences in Accordance

Setting up a Hebrew/English Interlinear in Accordance 13

Setting up a Greek/English Interlinear in Accordance 13

English-Hebrew WOrd Search in Accordance

Logos 8

Logos has outstanding training videos online at: They will be far more extensive than the videos posted here. The videos posted here were created with specific courses and assignments in mind.

Setting up Preferences in Logos

Using Logos 8 for Translation of the Hebrew Bible

Using Logos 8 for Translation of the Greek new testament

Comparing Translations in Logos 8

Typing in Greek & Hebrew

See and for fonts, keyboard maps, and further resources in learning Biblical Hebrew and Koine (Biblical) Greek.

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