Rev. Dr. Terance D. Espinoza
Professor of Bible and Theology, Southwestern Assemblies of God University
BA, Bethany University of the Assemblies of God
MA, Fuller Theological Seminary
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

BibTheo.com began in 2008 as a supplemental handout in Dr. Espinoza’s Hermeneutics course. As the handout grew it became clear that a website would be the best way to update and disseminate the information contained therein. The first website generated for this purpose was BibleWoot.com. Created in 2009, it reflected the mores of early web design and content. The updating of BibleWoot.com is on pause for now, having been replaced by BibTheo.com, (though BibleWoot is still viewable at BibleWoot.Squarespace.com). BibTheo.com was created in 2015 as a mobile-friendly version of BibleWoot that would have an exclusive focus on academic resources that are useful to university students and the interested public.

Both BibleWoot.com and BibTheo.com are private projects created and maintained by Dr. Espinoza. “Retweets are not endorsements.” The resources referred to in BibTheo are not necessarily endorsed but are included because they are academically useful.

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