OT/Torah/Tanakh/Hebrew Bible Studies

Old Testament Studies

  • Yeshiva University Libraries: Library page of Yeshiva University, New York. The “Ancient Jewish History” guide includes links resources useful to Biblical Studies in general, as well as links to Jewish, Iranian, and Greco-Roman history in particular.
  • Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible: Created by Dr. Marc Brettler, “this site aims to teach students how to use a set of specialized tools for the study of the Hebrew text of the Hebrew Bible.” The interface is clean, clear, and full of incredibly helpful tools. This site and iTanakh are the top two sites for your online research.
  • Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives: ETANA is “a database delivery platform, the digitization of almost 200 volumes of core materials for the study of the Ancient Near East, and the development of the web portal.”
  • The Society for Old Testament Studies (SOTS): SOTS is “an academic learned society embracing the Old Testament and its cognate areas…” Based in the UK, SOTS plans to continue to update its resources pages.
  • The OT and the ancient Near East: This is professor Ralph W. Klein’s extensive webpage of resources for the study of the Old Testament and Ancient Near East.
  • Aish.com: “Aish.com’s goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover his or her heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.” The site has a lot going on, but it is easy to navigate. Of particular note are its infographics and videos.
  • OT Gateway: This is another great place to start your study of the Old Testament. It is an “annotated, academic directory of internet sites on the Old Testament…focused on resources that will be of interest to both scholars and students of the Old Testament.”
  • The Center for Online Judaic Studies: “The Center for Online Judaic Studies is committed to making accessible the riches of the Jewish past through the new technologies of digital photography, digital audio recording and the internet.” This is an exceptional place for primary sources.
  • Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. Edited by Peter M. Head and Tommy Wasserman, this is a “forum for people with knowledge of the Bible in its original languages to discuss its manuscripts and textual history from the perspective of historic evangelical theology.”
  • iTanakh: Created by Dr. Chris Heard, Associate Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University, this site was an excellent place to start your research. It appears that the URL was sold off, but you can still find older versions of the site on The Wayback Machine at https://www.archive.org.

Biblical Studies
(Sites on both OT & NT)

  • Tyndale House: Online Resources “Set amid the buildings of the University of Cambridge, Tyndale House is a Christian community dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible.”
  • Society of Biblical Literature: Research Tools “The mission of the Society of Biblical Literature is to foster biblical scholarship. To that end, these are resources to assist those researching and writing papers in biblical studies.”
  • This is Michael Marlowe’s site “for Bible students who are looking for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture.”
  • Vice Regency
    This is a robust bibliography of online resources for biblical and theological studies. It is curated by Roy E. Ciampa, Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is an excellent tool to use in your research.
  • Religious Studies Web Guide: Other Useful Web Sites Another robust list of resources, curated by Saundra Lipton, Librarian at University of Calgary.
  • K.C. Hanson’s Homepage
    An excellent portal for biblical studies research, it is particularly strong in the Greco-Roman and Ancient Near Eastern environments, NT Papyri & Codices and ancient documents in general, and annotated bibliographies.
  • Virtual Religion Index
    “This site is designed to advance research in matters of religion,” any religion. The most useful sections for research are probably “Biblical Studies”, “Christian Tradition”, “Greco-Roman Studies,” “Ancient Near Eastern Studies,” and “Jewish Studies”.
  • Codex: Resources for Biblical, Theological, and Religious Studies Maintained by Tyler F. Williams, Assistant Professor of Theology at The King’s University College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Theology Network: Biblical Studies (studying the Bible, obviously) The goal of Theology Network is to “know God better, love Jesus more, join the revolution.” Brought to you by the UCCF: Christian Unions in Colleges and Universities, this page is a collection of accessible essays on various topics in biblical studies.
  • The Voice
    • This is by the Christian Resource Institute, “a global and ecumenical ministry dedicated to providing biblical and theological resources for growing Christians.”
  • Bible Dudes
    • Don’t let the name fool you. At the heart of this quirky presentation are two Ph.D’s who clearly care about educating people about Biblical Studies.
  • Biblical & Theological Studies research guide
    • I made this as a quick guide for those who are writing research papers on Biblical texts. It might also be helpful to those who are studying the Bible on their own. It lists the books and resources that I think would be most helpful for students and pastors.
  • Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (Baker Reference Library), ed., Walter A. Elwell
    • The full text of the 1996 edition of this dictionary is made available at biblestudytools.com.

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