eBook Sales

If you shop sales you’ll find that Bible software companies and book publishing companies regularly offer sales on eBooks. I personally have reference material on Logos, Accordance, and Kindle. Switching between screens is not much different from the pre-internet days when research involved books strewn across a table. If you are looking to expand your eBook library and are mindful of money, the following sources are useful.

Bible Software and Booksellers

Logos Bible Software

Logos at logos.com has an ongoing “free book of the month” program. In the span of a year they’ll give away both academic and devotional material. Even more, they ‘ll put related books and reference material on sale so after adding that month’s free book to your cart, keep scrolling to see if some of the sale books are interesting to you.

Logos also has a monthly book sale that is also worth checking out. The “Sale” entry in the website’s menu includes links to both the Free Book of the Month and their Monthly Sales.

Finally, Logos has an “Academic Basic” package that is a must-have for students. You have to enroll in their Academic Discount Program in order to download it, but it includes a set of solid academic resources, for free.

Accordance Bible Software

Accordance at AccordanceBible.com has an “On Sale This Week” link in the “Store” drop down menu item. Some of my best deals on major purchases have come from this page.

Christian Book

Formerly known as Christian Book Distributors, Christianbook.com offers regular discounts on academic material and is a place I have kept in rotation for 20+ years when looking for books on sale. The quickest way of finding eBooks is to enter “eBook” in the search menu, then click the menu to refine the search to “Reference” or “Academic,” then go from there. You could also search for individual titles and select “eBook” as an option. They tend to sell eBooks as DRM Protected EPUB files.

Publishing Houses

Publishers would love to have your contact information, and in exchange they will send you newsletters and links to their book & ebook sales. For a list of common publishers in the field of Biblical & Theological Studies, see the list of Publishing Houses at BibTheo.com/abbreviations. What follows is a small sampling of the larger field. Inclusion here is not endorsement of the company or of all the things they print, but simply intends to represent some tent-poles in the broader field of the academic study of Scripture.


There is a vibrant academic social media crowd in our discipline if you know who to follow. While they have mostly been on Twitter, other digital spaces may emerge as more common digital spaces. Authors and publishers regularly post their own sales so are worth following in general on whatever social media platform you prefer. Nijay Gupta regularly posts links to book and eBook sales on his Twitter & Facebook page.

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