Spotify Mixtapes

BibTheo: Faculty Picks

In 2015, we asked the faculty in the department of Bible & Theology to give two song recommendations. This eclectic mix is the result.

BibTheo: Student Picks

In 2015, we also asked the student workers in the department of Bible & Theology to give their song recommendations.

BibTheo: Fusion Gospel Group

In 2016, we asked some members of the on-campus Fusion Gospel Group to put together two playlists for us. The first is a mix of contemporary gospel music.The second  is a shorter list of old-school gospel music.

Dr. Espinoza’s Psalms Playlists

In 2016, Dr. Espinoza put together two playlists based on his interpretation of two psalms. The first is based on Psalm 150 and reflects the joyous, upbeat sentiment of that psalm. The second playlist is a mellower, more contemplative interpretation of Psalm 23.

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